How Do You Care for Your Candles

  • Trim your wick before each burn, (besides the first) for the X wicks you just have to use your finger to push against it after the first burn and the excess will fall right off
  • Burn for at least 1 1/2 to 2hrs or until the wax around the edges melts on the first burn 
  • Keep away from small children and animals

How Do you Care for Your Wax Melts 

  • Break off 2 cubes (or how many you want) and put in your wax warmer and let melt 
  • When scent is gone you can pour out melted wax into a safe container or use a spoon to pop it out when it is harden 
  • Do Not add water to it 
  • Follow any instructions on your Wax Warmer 
  • Keep away from small Children and animals 


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Package comes Damaged

  • Keep all packing and items 
  • Find order information from Shopify 
  • File a claim through USPS